One of the biggest questions we get thru our customer service lines consistently year after year is:

“What’s the best fishing tackle present I can get for my spouse / significant other as a gift? “

Well, good news, as fishing tackle shops with over 25+ years of selling experience worldwide, we have a great base of data to actually look back at, and based on real statistics, help you out to determine.

So here they are, the 8 best fishing tackle gifts:-


It hasn’t changed in 25 years; Fishermen are notoriously hard to buy for, and with all the model/size/color options to choose from, easy for you to get the wrong thing. So, let them choose, Buy a Gift Certificate (And is running a special thru December 24 th, receive an additional 20% store credit for you, when you buy a Fishermens Heaven gift certificate for someone else)


This one shocked us until we looked into the reason why. Since their launch in 2013,

this one has steadily climbed to #2, spurred on by the massive number of crafters buying them to make into key chains and Christmas tree ornaments. Who would of thought but what a great and creative idea!


Contrary to belief, stores sell more sunglasses during the holidays then even summertime and lets face it, what fishermen hasn’t lost their “favorite” pair of sunglasses overboard more than once, so it makes sense that a premium valued but high quality brand like Flying Fisherman, with most pair at less than 29.99 MSRP , are a great choice.


Always popular, especially with wife’s and girlfriends, our customer service lines get hammered with this request, “I want to spend $50 or $100, can you put together a great tackle selection for my husband or boyfriend?” And the answer is YES, with the simple answers to a couple of additional questions, like Freshwater or Saltwater, what species, and what body of water; the experienced staff at, with their 25+ years of statistical database, can home in to exactly what brand/model/size and color would make up the best assortment for your budget.


It never fails, customer service emails pour in with holiday shoppers wanting the latest and greatest lures. In 2011, it was the Koppers Frog, 2012, Strike Kings 10XD crankbait, 2013, Berkleys Havoc Rage Swimmer, 2014, Roboworms FAT version of their famous drop shot handpoured soft plastic, 2015, a tie between the Whopper Plopper and Strike Kings Rage Tail Structure Bug and in 2016, leading the request hit parade and taking over the all-time record, in just one year, the Koppers Hollow Body Sunfish topwater. What’s our educated guess for 2017, that’s easy, it’s any of the complete line of Live Target soft swim baits, especially the Mullet for saltwater and the Bluegill and Shad for Freshwater.


We were sort of surprised by this one, but statistics don’t lie, and the logic prevails, most fishermen won’t splurge on the cost of a bulk spool of the quality line so it makes a great and easy gift at just 20 to 30 dollars. Preferences lean towards McCoy’s Mean Green 1/4lb spools of co-polymer, a US manufactured line that blends the best qualities of monofilament and fluorocarbon.


Again, not sure why, but holiday shoppers LOVE to get their loved one’s BIG crankbaits, and the holiday buying trends definitely show it. For bass, crankbaits like Strike Kings Deep Diving 8XD or the 8.0 Magnum Square Bill, for Walleye, by far the Koppers Yellow Perch, for Musky and Northern Pike, the Live Target suckers and for Saltwater, the Spanish Mackerel lead the way.


We are guessing, tongue in cheek, that nothing says Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukah like 10 or 12 packs of Yamamoto Senkos but again, the data doesn’t lie. Fishermen love getting bulk quantities of their favorite soft plastic baits and Yamamoto Senkos are the #1 selected brand by far. (And for the 2017 holiday season, probably a smart choice for Christmas shoppers stuck wondering what to get since all suppliers have been notified of a huge price increase from Yamamoto coming for 2018)

Finally, you will notice we didn’t include Boats (we would all be OK with that as a gift…right…lol…), Trolling Motors, Electronics, Tackle Bags or Rods and Reels because all of these involve REAL personal preference and a myriad of choices, and trust us, that is something better left to the actual user than the well-intentioned but guessing gift giver.

So, there you have it, a definitive and statistically supported list to help you with your gift giving for 2017.

If we don’t talk before then, Happy Shopping and Gods Blessings for a Great Holiday Season!